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get to know me meme: six franchises ♦ harry potter 

↳ “But he understood at last what Dumbledore had been trying to tell him. It was, he thought, the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but Dumbledore knew — and so do I, thought Harry, with a rush of fierce pride, and so did my parents — that there was all the difference in the world.”

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Hehe :) She’s got it! 

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Klaroline + progress

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How to get away with murder: Pilot.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun… to kill someone… and end up in jail."

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I thought that I could be me and the Arrow… but I can’t.

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One day, you realise that there are some people you’ll never see again. At least, not in the same way.
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